simple road trip car maintenance


Part 2:

Here’s part two of our checklist for everything you need before setting out on a roadtrip. ..


Automatic transmission fluid levels

Your automatic transmission fluid levels need to be checked, particularly if you’re travelling with a full load or towing a trailer. This check is carried out in exactly the same way as an engine oil level check, only using the transmission fluid dipstick instead. Look out for any darkening or brownish colour in the fluid – new transmission fluid has a reddish/pinkish hue, and when this darkens or browns you know it’s time for a fluid change.


Your battery

Check your battery for any visible problems – acid leaks, cracks or any other signs of damage, replacing the battery if you spot any of these signs. And check the battery terminals – these need to be tight, and if you see any signs of terminal corrosion, have these checked out professionally before you take to the road.


Your tyres

Your tyres are going to carry your car from A to B so they need a good check-up too. Check the tyre pressure against the recommended pressure levels indicated by your manufacturer. This should be shown in your owner’s manual, inside your tyre, or on a label positioned inside the driver’s car door, glove compartment or inside your petrol tank lid. Check for any cracks or signs of wear, particularly where one tyre looks more worn than the others as this could be a sign that your vehicle needs to be realigned before your trip.


Other basic checks that you can carry out are testing your lights and electrical equipment, wipers and windscreens washers, your mirrors, car horn, heating and air conditioning – particularly if you’re going to be travelling in a warm climate.