five top tips for airport parking


If you’re the type of person who plans their holiday well in advance, then you’ve probably already booked your airport parking, saving yourself up to about 60%. If this isn’t you, and you plan on leaving everything to the last minute, you could be wasting a great deal of holiday spending money. It only takes a few minutes to check out an online price comparison site, they do all the hard work for you. Websites such as can compare 90% of the airport parking market, helping find you some great deals and great locations. Whether you’re looking for cheap airport parking at Gatwick airport, Luton Airport, or Manchester Airport, can make your travels a little easier.

To lend you a helping hand on saving money for your holiday, we’ve produced a ‘Top Money Saving Tips’ guide to cheap airport parking. With the right implementation of these tips, you should save yourself a nice chunk of cash.

 Tip No.1: Preparation!

The number one top tip, as mentioned before, is to prepare and pre-book your airport parking. If you turn up on the day hoping to get a cheap space you’ll be severely disappointed. Advanced booking tend to come with a large discount, but once it comes to the day of your holiday the prices are hiked up to their full cost. The airport parking facilities know you have nowhere else to go; you’re already at the airport! To make matters worse there will probably be credit card fees at top of your parking facility payment. Think of all that money you could have been spending on your trip.

 Tip No.2: The Early Bird Catches the Worm.

Of course you have to prepare, but doing it as early as possible gives you the biggest benefit. As soon as you’ve booked your flights and hotel, get yourself online and check the latest prices for airport parking. Most airport facilities will have advanced purchase prices. These can drop off at any time, and the closer to your departure date the less likely it will be you can claim the discount. Booking it at the same time as everything else lets you put into perspective how much you’ve spent, and allows you to stop worrying about having to do it later.

 Tip No.3: Taxi vs. Airport Parking.

If you live 5 minutes away from the airport then a taxi isn’t a bad idea, you’re less likely to run into any trouble and the cost will be relatively low. However, most people don’t live right next to an airport and taxis can cause all sorts of trouble. Firstly, you’re not in control of when it arrives or when you leave. You have to rely on them to get everything just right. This can add an enormous amount of stress. Don’t forget the cost - Taxis don’t turn the meter off when you’re stuck in airport traffic.

 Tip No.4: A 5 or 10 minute walk.

Taking a short walk just before you get to the airport doesn’t sound like much fun but when you think it could save you even more money it becomes a little more appealing. Parking offsite tends to come with a lower price because you don’t have that convenience of being right at the airport. If you book early enough you could get yourself a nearby car park only 5 minutes away. It’s similar to parking at the airport, but without the price! If you get one further away you don’t have to worry, nearly all of them come with free shuttle buses.

 Tip No.5: Book a Hotel Room.

If you’ve got an early flight, then travelling up in the middle of the night isn’t always the most stress free start – you’ll have been up all day and all you want to do is get to the airport. Staying in a hotel the night before can get rid of the stressful feeling of the night time travel, but more importantly it can reduce the cost of your parking. Many hotels offer discounts on airport parking if you book a hotel room with them.