save money with multicar insurance


Great Britain really is a nation of car lovers. In fact, there are now more cars in the UK than there are households. Understandably, this means that more and more homes are becoming two-car addresses, but did you know that double the number of cars parked outside doesn’t have to mean double the cost of car insurance? So-called multicar insurance is one great way to slash the cost of cover, with huge savings of up to 23 per cent possible.

What is Multicar Insurance?
Multicar insurance is simply an insurance policy that covers two or more cars registered at the same address. The cars do not have to belong to the same person, nor to the same family even, just as long as the various cars to be included within the multicar policy share the same registration address.

Why Should I Get Multicar Insurance?
Basically, multicar insurance saves you money, time and hassle.
The benefits include generous discounts for adding additional cars (for example, Admiral offers up to 23 per cent discount* with their multicar insurance), and the ease of arranging just the one policy to cover multiple vehicles – which means far less paperwork as you only have one policy to renew and one renewal date to remember.

Another benefit with some multi car insurance policies is that you don't have to wait for the second car to be covered before you get your discount. When applying for cover, you can enter separate start dates for each vehicle and still claim the multicar discount. The cars’ renewal dates can then be unified to fall on the same day next year so you’ll only have to renew just the once, no matter how many vehicles are on the policy.

In short, multicar insurance could be a low-fuss, money-saving solution for co-habiting couples, family, friends or students, whose cars are registered at the same address.

Additional Benefits
Multicar insurance can also come with all the goodies you’d expect from a decent, standard car insurance policy. These include such things as: legal protection, personal injury cover, courtesy car for when your vehicle is off the road, flexible excess options, windscreen repair, and stereo cover for each car.

How to Apply for Multicar Insurance
If you fancy the idea of multicar insurance, you’ll need the following information to hand before getting a quote:

-Details of all the cars that are to be included in the policy, including their make and model and all registration numbers
-Details of the drivers of the other cars to be included on the policy, such as name, age, occupation and whether or not they have any claims or convictions
-The car insurance renewal dates for the cars which are to be included in the policy

A Nation of Car Lovers
So why is all this information important to pass on? Well, as mentioned earlier, we Brits do love our cars.
According to the Office for National Statistics, of the 25 million households in the UK, 32 per cent have access to two or more cars – that’s an awful lot of crowded driveways and residential roads. What this means is that there’s a good chance that either you or someone you know could benefit from multicar insurance – and in these days of high car-running costs, the more money you can slash from your annual motoring bill the better.
So if there are two or more cars registered at your household, consider the savings that can be made and the time and hassle that can be saved by covering the vehicles with multicar insurance.

*Discounts in excess of 23% available with Admiral insurance to policies with 4 or 5 cars. Two drivers and two cars typically receive a 10% discount.
**Statistical data from the Office for National Statistics.