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‘Staycations’ in the UK are on the rise and predicted to inject a massive £7.3 billion into the country’s tourism industry in 2011 – up ten per cent on last year. UK self catering cottage holidays are a great choice for holidaymakers looking to take a break from the stress of their everyday lives. In addition, this option is perfect for families and people who enjoy the benefits of having their own space to enjoy home comforts in a new and exciting location.

It seems that Brits are being encouraged to take their holiday on home turf due to the weak pound and the warm weather that has been witnessed this summer. Meanwhile, many people were so happy with their last ‘staycation’ that they have decided to do it again. Holidaying in the UK shouldn’t be seen as a compromise. According to the Daily Express, the average cost of a holiday abroad is £1,427.58, which is significantly higher than a typical ‘staycation’. Meanwhile, a seven-day break usually costs £144.31 to £433.69 cheaper than last year; all of which reflect the big savings that can be made when taking a holiday in the UK.

The UK boasts extensive breathtaking coastline and gorgeous countryside just waiting to be explored, so it isn’t surprising that holidaymakers are choosing a ‘staycation’ to explore these gems – delights that we sometimes take for granted. If you want to sample the range of action-packed activities that the UK has to offer, you will not be disappointed; you can choose from activities such as hiking, cycling, windsurfing, rock-climbing, horse-riding and surfing.